Welcome to the City of Stamford's online searchable database of Registered Trade Names. You may search these records in two different ways:
Arrow Search By Name:
This allows you to search for a particular trade name.
Arrow Search by Registrant:
This allows you to find a business affiliated with a particular person.

Once you have finished your search you may register your name through the mail if you wish, or come into the Town Clerk's Office in person.

Click here to return to the Trade Name Registration Page for details on mail registration and procedures and fees that apply.

Please note that this search is meant as a convenience to our citizens and while every effort is taken to ensure accuracy, there is always the possibility that your trade name might already be in use, even though your search may not find it. This database contains only the past twenty years of registered trade names. The official complete records are maintained at the Town Clerks' Office at the government center and a formal search is required before registration. Thank you for using this tool and our site.