"This message has been converted to a shortcut..."

We have many users and a limited amount of space to store emai for everyone. In order to allow you to keep your older messages, we will often remove them from your mailbox and leave a stub called a "shortcut" behind so that you can still retrieve the message from the message archive.

If a message has been shortcutted, instead of seeing the message in your mailbox it will look like this:

The easiest way to view a shortcutted message is to click the link that says "Click here to open the full version" (note where the arrow is pointing in the picture below) so that you open the full version of the message in a new window. If the message contained a large attachment, this may take a little while. Do not click any of the other links as they will not work in Outlook Web App and you will get an error.

The other option for viewing messages is to turn off your conversations in the view for the folder you are in. (Keep in mind that conversations are set for each folder so that turning off conversations in one folder does not affect any other folders.) Once you do that, all messages will appear normally regardless of whether they are a shortcut or not.

To turn off conversations, choose "view" in the middle pane of Outlook Web App, and uncheck the box for "use conversations".


As always, if you have any questions, please call the helpdesk at 977-4936.

Thank you, Dulce Weigel
City of Stamford
Email Administrator

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