Keep your mailbox clean - Empty your deleted items!

Deleted Items

It is a very good idea to keep your mailbox clean and organized. One way to keep it running well is to empty out your deleted items on a regular basis.

You may not know this, but just hitting "delete" after reading a message does not delete it from your mailbox. This simply moves the message to a folder called "Deleted Items". They will sit there until you delete them.

Emptying this folder is very easy to do. Just select the folder and "right-click" your mouse on it. You will get a little menu with several choices, one of which is to empty your deleted items. Choose that and you are all set. This will keep your mailbox size down and will probably help it load up faster when you log in.

As always, if you have any questions, please call the helpdesk at 977-4936.

Thank you!

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